Srilankan – Ai confini della realtà (EN)

Saturday I had my first experience on UL. Maybe I was very tired after very long incoming flights, but what I attended to is something that goes over my comprehension skills.

I chose to fly HKG-BKK with UL because the timings were ok and the price was ridicolous: 1100 HKD r/t a.i.

On that day, the route was operated by A330. At the transit desk at HKIA, I was able to grab the emergency exit row and expected to be able to get a little nap.
I spent the time before departure at the BA lounge, where basically there were only 3 or 4 customers.

When I reached the gate, all the passengers had already boarded. When I got on the plane I was greeted by two girls and one of them was really nice: they checked my BP and instructed me about how to reach row 50.
The plane had clearly lived better days, because it seemed very outdated notwithstanding the fact all the seats were fitted with PTV.

The plane was very full and there were many chinese people, probably at their very first experience on a plane. They screamed all the time and behaved like primary school students when they are brought to the zoo or to the national museum.

My neighbour was an arab man, and soon I realized I wasn’t the only to be annoyed by these chinese people (please, don’t think I have smtgh against chinese people. I had smtgh against THOSE chinese people).

After door closing, the safety video was played, but the audio was definitely lacking. Most of the chinese ignored completely the briefing and kept to stand up and sit down in order to talk with their friends / relatives.

When we moved from the gate, the outside camera was activated and a huge flow of “ohhhhhh”, “ahhhhh” overwhelmed the entire cabin ambience.
Some of them started screaming and pointing their finger towards the overhead monitors, probably commenting the green and red lights on the ground.

The pretty FA seated in front of me gazed at me and I smiled her, awaiting for her possible subsequent comment. She nodded pitiful. I enquired if the crew was going to CMB or a change was supposed to be in BKK. Her answer was direct “we end our duty in BKK. I could not deal with them from HKG to CMB”!!!!

The take-off and the climbing came with a lot of shouts and cackles. One woman, sat in row 52 started crying, while two elderly men started a bright discussion looking at the airmap, probably talking about the route.

To provide a decent service was clearly impossible: as soon as the seat belt sign was switched off all the chinese stood up and started a hole procession to the toilet, which attracted their attention beyond any expectation.
Being sitted in row 50, I had the chance to watch this show.

Notwithstanding two big metal placards with the word PUSH in capitals, none of them was able to realize how to open the swing-door. I can understand many people is not familiar with english, but it’s difficult to me to imagine people standing in front of a door waiting for a miracle.

In many cases me and the arab had to enlighten them on the magic option of pushing on the placards.

Don’t talk about locking the door once they entered the toilet. They never did this.
And you can guess the show, when someone else suddenly pushed on the door.

In the mean while we soon discovered to have a player on board. 5 rows ahead of us, a 40yo man started calling the FA by pushing the button….. not once, not twice….. I counted 49, but I could have missed some calls.

The meal was not so bad. We were offered beef or chicken curry, and the meal presentation was ok.
Many chinese, while eating, burped repeatedly and blatantly, arousing their friends’ laughs. Some other went on and I can bet someone also farted.
What a wonderful flight….
But the best had to come yet: a woman sat in a central row, after having chosen beef, decided she didn’t like this, and so – unexpectedly and completely dazing me and the arab – she took the beef slices with her chopsticks and put those slices in the dish of his neighbour, which – I WANT TO BE CLEAR ABOUT THAT – was a perfect stranger to her (beyond any doubt he was caucasian!). When the latter gazed at her with an upset mood, she encouraged him to go on eating!!!

The fasten seat belt sign is something not enforced on UL. I’m not comfortable with this practice since I strongly think the rules have to be enforced when we talk about safety. If I can tolerate the FAs not passing through the rows, I was speechless when I saw the chinese keeping to stand up and walking on the aisle and chit-chatting, during a discrete turbolence and notwithstanding the severe verbal rebuke of the FAs. They simply ignored them and pretended the FAs understand they have to talk each other without being disturbed…. astonishingly.

The duty free service is another story: the funny chinese gals probably thought it was smtgh like a bazar. They started glancing at the items, then asked to open the items to see the content. Many of them touched the woven of certain accessories and vividly disserted about it with their friends. Obviously none of them bought anything.

The last note: just immediately after touch down, when the captain was still actionating the reverses, many of those stood up and started opening the overhead bins to take their personal items… It was pretty impossibile to the cabin crew to prompt them to sit down.

Never seen anything similar on any flight.


Una risposta a “Srilankan – Ai confini della realtà (EN)

  1. Wow,
    what a horrible experience!
    Sorry about that.
    Very surprising how people that should be used to follow the rules without questioning were so undisciplined.
    60 years of Communist Dictatorship didn´t teach them anything? :-))


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