Turkish e il customer service

Mi segnala un FlyerZ lettore un simpatico scambio di vedute tra lui e il Customer Care di Turkish Airlines a proposito di un volo in business class.


Dear Sir,I regret to inform about the very bad experience I had on your flight TK0069 from Bangkok to Istanbul in Business Class and what happened:

– at the boarding, once I got to my seat, I found it dirty. I have complained and the hostess told me it is because the flight was coming from Shanghai and they could not get a real proper cleaning. So they sent a cleaner before departure but the job was not good. The funny thing is that after the take-off I discovered that the flight was coming from Ho-chi-min and not from Shanghai!!! This makes me think that the hostess didn’t even know from where she was flying from…really unprofessional.

– the IFE was not working during the 1st hour of flight…

– the chair was not moving during the 1st hour of flight…the really bad thing here is that my chair moved a bit before take-off and so…as per the regulation requests I tried to go back to the normal sitting position before to take-off. Well, this was impossible, I had to take-off with my chair in “relax” position…very very dangerous. I called the hostess many times with the push-button bell but…also that was not working!!! This is really not acceptable.

– then the Chef on board came to request our à-la-carte meal. All good, all professional…but the only problem was that my wife and I requested “meat” and when it was our turn..they said no more meat. So they offered the fish. We were waiting for that, we wanted to eat only that plate…so we had to fast. Very very bad experience.

– after all this, I decided to call your Purser to complain but I found the worst and incompetent Purser I ever met on a plane. Totally unable to explain, totally unable to excuse and totally unable to make me feel better. Actually when I was complaining, she told me to stay calm…she told me was bad for my health and she told me I was getting red in face. Well, I’m a bit hypochondriac and I felt very bad after she told me that. I almost had a panic attack and I had to take some pills to relax after that bad conversation, also my wife felt the same.

– Then, finally we arrived in Istanbul and I askes the Purser for the Business Class Pass for the Custom, she answered me “With turkish no need…we have special place”. That’s it!!! what does this mean??? please explain. This pursur even didn’t speak a good english.

– Others minor issues happened, like forgetting to bring water or refilling the glasses…even after the Hostess came to offer it…we had to call her again to remind it.

Well Sir, we had the worst business class experience of our life. I’m also forwarding  this email to TK office in Bologna that knows me personally and knows that I always fly business and I do it almost every week.

I really expect your Company to do something or I will never ever fly again with you. [omissis] We are very upset!!!!

I would like to add that on our flight from Istanbul to Bologna, we have been treated like Kings, and we really appreciated the help of your hostess on that flight.

I wait for your kind comments back and your earliest convenience,


ed ecco la risposta del Customer Care:

Dear [omissis],We have received your message dated on August 15, 2012.We are sorry for our late response to your message.
Regarding the other issue that you have mentioned in your message, please be advised that our aircrafts are being cleaned up rigorously by the handling firm in every 21 days and the transit cleaning is made before each flight. Upon your complaint, we have warned to related firm in order to achieve their works in a better way.
On the other hand, please be advised that technic department checked the aircraft concerning the your observations and we were informed that there was no record concerning the technical defect on seat. Based on our research we found out that, you had a confirmed reservation on flight TK71 Hong Kong-Istanbul on August 2, 2012. Please be advised that failure about the Inter Flight Entertainment system was fixed by the technical staff after your flight.

Further, due to the restricted capacity on an aircraft, only a limited number of special meals are loaded. From time to time, some selections run out as it is not possible to meet the requests of all passengers due to high demand. This possibility is noted on the menus distributed on the aircraft.

During our research, we found out that your reservations XXXXXX  was made on May 24, 2012 via web site. Since no special meal request was made it was not possible to provide during your flight.

We would like to emphasize that as turkish airlines ,we aim to pursue the highest level of service at all levels of services with our customers.However,undesired irregularities do take place despite our foremost efforts to minimize them .
We would like to share with you that all Turkish Airlines personnel and handling agents undergo periodic vigourous training regarding customer relations,interaction,communications,body language and diction with special emphasis on flight safety towards establishing”total customer satisfaction”.

Based on your complaint, the related department has been warned towards the prevention of similar occurences in the future.

We deeply regret the fact that your trip with turkish airlines was not realised as promised ;however would like to inform you that,we are in continious pursuit towards elimination of such irregularities in the future .We apologise for this inconvenience with our greatest respect.

Thank you for choosing to fly with Turkish Airlines.

Sincerely yours,

Customer Services Department
Turkish Airlines INC

Inutile dire che il volo di Hong Kong era un’altra prenotazione….
Idee? Commenti?!



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